August Review / A jolly to the Suffolk Coast with Damian

August has been a quiet month on the photography front, although I feel like it’s been ridiculously busy. Preparation for two events in September has taken up a lot of my time, with many evenings spent printing, mounting and framing my work. I am doing a second event with the Artists Network Bedfordshire, and it’s an exhibition in Woburn Sands. Full details are available on the events page of my website -

Despite all this activity, I did manage to get in a trip to the Suffolk Coast earlier in the month. I met up with Damian Ward, and we camped at a great little campsite near Bungay, called Wardley Hill Campsite. It’s a back to basics site, but it has a great atmosphere and is very reasonably priced too. I hope to head back there some time with the family, and I highly recommend it. We were supposed to meet up with Claire McConnell and Mark Zaffin, but they unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.

Although we were camping near the coast, it was still a 4am alarm clock if we were going to get to Dunwich heath for Sunrise. Dunwich Heath is a popular location in late summer due to the heather being in bloom, providing a wonderful purple carpet of colour. Once you add in the coastal location and potential for dramatic sky, you have the makings of landscape photographers dream. I’ll admit that I struggled with the vastness of the place. There aren’t too many trees or other visual anchors, so composition can be a challenge. Overall, I was happy with my shots from the day, but I would love to return again and have another go.

Sunrise at Dunwich Heath (saturation is -10!) 

The Coastguard House

A Silver Birch tree and heather

We met up with Matthew Dartford at Dunwich Heath, who disappeared for about an hour (probably taking a couple of pictures which will be posted in a couple of months that will blow us away – he seems to do that) but once we’d all reconvened, we headed up to the nearby coastal town of Walberswick.

By the time we’d arrived, the sun was fully up and the clouds were wispy, so I decided to break out the Infrared camera. It turned out to be a very productive hour or two. I think I produced some of my favourite images of the day during this period, all of them infrared.

Old Shack

Path through the dunes

Tony Sellen joined us soon after we’d arrived, and we spent some time shooting the waves and beach before heading over to Southwold for some grub. 

Walderswick Beach

We had a spot of Breakfast in the Harbour Café, and I was reminded that you should never judge a book by its cover. When approaching from the outside, the duelling banjos from Deliverance started playing in my head, but once you step inside, there isn’t a redneck in site. It was a delightful little café, and the full English breakfast and cup of coffee was just what the doctor ordered – If you’re ever in the area, check it out! The Harbour Cafe - Google Maps

The harbour is a great place to explore, with plenty of rickety old huts, boats and fishing nets etc.

The Harbour

The last stop of the day was Sizewell Beach, famous for its power plant. There are two water outlet/intake platforms just off the coast. It’s a subject matter that has been photographed many times before, but there’s not a lot else to shoot so I decided to try my hand at some long exposure work as it’s rarely something I get to have a go at. For those that are interested, the final image was a 9-minute exposure and very boring to take – I didn’t know what to do with myself whilst waiting.

Sizewell Water Pump Platforms

Overall, it was a very productive day trip and a big thank you to Damian for driving during the day. It was great to meet Tony and Matt too, finally putting faces to their twitter pseudonyms. 

If you get a chance, check out these links to see their work.

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